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Audio Tracks The 3 Basics

Whether you know it or not, or whether you are more or less advanced… or even if you are a professional, you will have to use some different rhythmic patterns when dancing.

And combine them for different songs.

This auto-course will help you train each rhythmic combination by separated so that you can advance faster.

Pretty much like body-builders train 1 muscle at a time!

And, according to your level, you can choose which movement to practice with each file.

We give you some initial examples for you to start. And we’ll also keep adding more examples later. And after a bit of practice, you could (and should) make your own steps!

If you want to have more rhythms to practice, you can get the complete course instead.

We’re looking forward to see your progress! Let us know in case of questions or comments.

Welcome, and enjoy it!