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November 8th, 2023

Javier Antar February 18, 2024
In this lesson we started to recognise how we all do the Ocho Cortado to then change it.
The first change was to make the follower go back instead of forward in the second part of it.
Normally the follower goes back with her right leg, then rebounds forward with her left leg, and take a forward cross with her right leg (this would be the first part);
then, she does a side step with her left, comes back to another side step with her right leg to finish with the typical very small forward cross (like the one in the Basic Step)
So the first change we proposed here was to lead her a back cross instead of that small forward cross (like the one in the Basic Step).
So she will do: back, forward, forward and side, side, back.
The second change we proposes was for the leader (as the follower keeps doing the new variation)
In the second part of the Ocho Cortado, the leader would do side, side and collect.
But this time we propose he does a forward cross in contra direction to the side step she takes with her left leg.
Then, when she takes the second side step (the one right before finishing the Ocho Cortado) he will also take a side step with his left leg to then finish with his forward cross as she takes a back cross.
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