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Practice Vals Rhythms

If your goal is to feel confident, relaxed and creative when dancing… this is for you! For all levels! ❤️

In more than 2o years of teaching Tango around the World, I have heard too many people complaining about how they’d like to advance faster. The only way is to practice consciously, and for this we’ve created our exclusive and specific Audio Tracks to Practice Tango.

With them, you go to the point: you’ll practice 1 rhythmic combination at a time during a bit more than 2 minutes.  This will allow you to:

✅ Repeat the movements A LOT more times in a very short time

✅ Focus MUCH deeper

✅ Save your time in general (10 minutes of practice-play per day will make you feel the difference VERY FAST)

Follow the recommended initial exercises * After that, you’re free to experiment by yourself * Practice a bit at least twice a week * (The more, the better!) * Book a private online session in case you need further help on how to use them * Visit, like and follow us also in our FaceBook page: TangoTribe to receive our weekly news and special offers! * Join our Private Group in FaceBook!